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How to start your own business and become a tutor

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If you know more about a topic or better understand it more than others do, then you should consider becoming a tutor.  This is especially great for any stay at home moms or dads who have received a really good education and then went on to work in that area before starting a family.  While it use to be that you would have to go to the student's home in order to tutor them, now it is possible to become a tutor over the Internet.

So, what can you become a tutor and teach students?  Actually there is a really long list of things that students need to learn about anymore.  The nice thing is that you can actually stay home and have tutoring sessions.  It is also possible for you to develop a base of clients in your local community that you can tutor over the Internet.  

The 3 areas that are in the most high demand include computer courses and high school courses in the areas of math and English.  You may be surprised to know that you can also become a tutor and help children with piano lessons via the Internet.  So, if you have any training, college or work experience in any of these areas, then you can easily use these acquired skills in order to become a tutor and help others out in these areas.

As with any other business, there are some things that you should do if you want to become a tutor and work from home offering your services via the Internet.  Basically you are going to have to make sure that you have a quiet home office wherein your computer is located.  You are also going to need high speed Internet access and it may help to have a good digital camera on your computer as well.  It would also be helpful to have a dry erase board to use.  If you do not have a comfortable office chair or desk then you may want to invest in these items as well.  However, you can get a desk and chair later because unlike the other aforementioned items, they really are not required in order for you to become a tutor.  
Before starting out as a home-based tutor, you will need to setup your business structure.

As far as paperwork, you will need to create your class curriculum.  Usually you will only need to have 8 weeks worth of learning material.  This can then be translated into 8 classes that will be 1 hour each in length.  It would be helpful if this material can be sent to the student whenever you are working with it.  This way they can have it in front of them.  You will also need to at least have a spreadsheet in which you can keep track of all of your business finances once you become a tutor.

Once you are prepared, you can set yourself up on and begin advertising your services.  You may wish to learn about Internet marketing as well so that you can get more students.  Besides marketing, you can also undercut your price as an introductory offer.  This will get you a lot of new students rather quickly.  You can slowly raise your prices later on in order to feel as though you are being fairly compensated for your time.