Frequently Asked Questions

How does work with potential teachers and tutors?

It's actually quite an easy process; you start by signing up on the site and then proceed to post lessons on topics representative of your particular skill. The layout of the site aims to guarantee an interpersonal communication between teachers and students, that way numerous lessons can be easily shared and accessed through the platform. Another striking point is the fact that teachers and tutors are able to profit from high-quality traffic, higher click-thru-rates, not to mention the unparalleled sales conversions.

How does work for students?

At we gather brilliat talent to teach or tutor those who want to become proficient at something. Teachers, tutors and students are constantly sharing lessons of valuable meaning. You can check the teacher's or tutor's reputation prior to viewing their lessons and make sure your choice is suitable and affordable. We are aware of the fact that numerous students are currently looking to expand their knowledge beyond what is already known to them. Whether it be a class, skill or a particular topic you want to master, a qualified teacher or tutor will be there as a mentor to guide you towards the acquisition of that knowledge.

As a student how do I find a particular lesson?

You can do so by typing in the terminology related to the lesson you are looking for. If it shows no results, then you can opt for inputing the term in the “help wanted” section so that a teacher or tutor can create a customized lesson for you.

I’m new without a formal training, how can I build up my credentials?

If you are a newbie with no credentials, will come to represent your most valuable asset. Although those credentials obtained on the site are not to be utilized as a reference on external platforms, your reputation within the site will be constantly increasing, on account of its review system; such influences your work because a feedback is left by every student who decides to make use of your lessons. It is advisable to start your tutoring career at the lowest price and increase your rate as your credentials reach a higher status. The fact that posting lessons is completely free makes the whole experience much more rewarding.

How do I make money from

If you consider yourself to be a skillful person at any particular subject and that your qualifications are congruent with the necessary work that comes with teaching and tutoring, then you are going to find this to be quite a fitting job for you to take on. Your clientele will be constantly increasing and the feedback will leave the impression that, regardless of the personal objective of the student, you will provide a service to the highest standards. You are in charge of your own price and content for your lessons. You can set your prices for each lesson or simply ask for donations. Once a student chooses to utilize your services, you will be remunerated through PayPal.


How do I pay for the service?

PayPal is currently being utilized as an only form of payment for teachers, tutors and students. Regardless if you request or provide the service it will deducted through this payment method

Do I have to download anything?

No, everything you need is made available to you through the site, so downloads are not required.

How much does it cost to start teaching or tutoring? is currently offering free listings for those qualified professionals who are passionate about teaching or tutoring on the site. By the time a lesson sells, 20% is withheld by the site plus paypal fees (only on paid lessons).

How much will I have to pay as a student?

It will be determined by the provider of the service, if you are interested on a particular lesson, the amount you have to pay will be displayed on the lesson itself. It’s up to you to decide whether you are willing to pay the amount required by the teacher or tutor. The fees are accessible and will not surpass the commonly charged amount.

How can I support

In order for to grow, a huge amount of qualified teachers and tutors would have to get involved with the site. After all, they represent the source of knowledge many eager-to-learn students are seeking after. If by any chance you would like to show your appreciation to the site, don’t hesitate to link with us.