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Why tutoring services are necessary in today’s schools

Today, a lot of people will agree with you that the American educational system is less than optimal.  While the No Child Left Behind Act established sound principles, it did not receive enough funding and thus its principles have been rendered meaningless.  Of course, there have also been widespread reports that states are “dumbing down” standardized testing so that their state’s scores can show the improvements that are necessary amongst their students in order to maintain or improve their status.  This has caused a lot of parents to complain about the school’s curriculum being way too focused upon teaching students how to do well on these tests, regardless of whether or not they are truly teaching subjects in a way that engage the students’ natural curiosity.

Because of necessary provisions that have been made in the No Child Left Behind Act, the focus of many schools is upon raising the scores of students who test in the “far below basic” and “below basic” proficiency levels on these yearly assessments.  Even so, most schools actually lack the resources that are necessary to give those students the attention that they need in order to improve their test scores.

Furthermore, parents of children who test in the “proficient” or “advanced” range often feel like their children are being left behind since they are not being challenged to do their best.  Herein these parents feel like teachers who focus on remediating learners who have low test scores have also unintentionally brought down the test scores of those who are either gifted or advanced.

All of these things have caused parents to turn to tutoring services more and more often for helping their children be able to reach their full potential.  They are right in feeling that tutors can help fill in the gaps in their children’s education.  For instance if a student is proficient in math, then a math tutor can augment their classroom instruction and take them to the next level.  On the other hand, if a student needs help with their math, a tutor can help them to become successful in the classroom.

Parents who have children in middle school and high school are also using tutoring services more and more today.  This is especially true of online tutoring services.  The reason for this increase is because of the highly competitive environment of college admissions.  Herein having a competitive edge really is a necessity.  As such, one-on-one tutoring for test preparation is growing at a high rate today since most services often enroll as many as 20 students in one class.  This makes it difficult for students to get the individual attention that they need.

Of course, the key thing that is necessary in order for any student to be able to learn is being engaged with the material and being able to interact with the instructor.  Unfortunately, with the state of educational funding the way it is today, it is increasingly difficult for students to be able receive the attention that they need.

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