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The best way to learn is to become a tutor

If you are studying a specific subject and you are trying to find a way in which you can more effectively learn the material, then you should become a tutor.  While you could arrange an informal study group so that you and your friends can learn the material better, when you become a tutor you will actually be able to cash in on your study time.  In this way you will be able to benefit greatly.

You will soon discover that when you become a tutor you will have to explain things to others.  This will force you to be well prepared and thus if you are going to have to take an exam on the topic, you will know that you are ready.  This is something that you cannot get from a lot of the other study techniques that are available since when you become a tutor you will have already been tested and passed that test.

Another thing that will happen when you become a tutor is that your understanding will deepen as you have to explain the information to someone else.  In fact, you will probably have a little more information than you really need.

You may also find that since you only have a small amount of time to teach someone whom you are tutoring the information that they will need to know, you will be able to know what information is truly necessary. This is something that you are not going to learn if you are studying by yourself.

It is important to understand that you do not have to be an expert in order to become a tutor.  All you need to be able to do is stay 1 step ahead of those whom you are tutoring.  So, tutoring is not as hard as you may think it is.  Plus you will not mind studying ahead anymore since you will be both improving your grades and greatly satisfied because you are helping someone else learn something that they did not think that they could learn.

If the material is something that you have already learned in the past, you will still be able to benefit when you become a tutor because you will be able to cement the knowledge in your mind.  This will then help you to be better able to absorb and understand the higher level material that you are now learning. You will find that this is especially true if you are studying math or science.

It is also quite satisfying when you see that someone else is actually able to grasp the concept that you are teaching them when they could not do this before.  This may actually make you want to become a teacher.  Regardless, you will still get a good reputation and more people will want your tutoring services, which will push you to become even better in the subject that you are studying.  So, go ahead and become a tutor.  You will be greatly rewarded in your own studies by helping someone else.

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