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The fact that our ancestors have formed groups that have gone off in different directions and developed their own languages is one of the main reasons for most of the wars that have taken place throughout history.  This is because these different languages have built up barriers that have kept one group of people from understanding another group of people.  Since people have a tendency of mistrusting what we do not understand and disliking what we mistrust, this dislike has oftentimes turned into fear, which has turned into hate.  Of course, hatred is something that people easily justify as a reason for acting out in violence against those that are hated.

Anyone who has given these things any thought have come to recognize that this is happening.  These people have often worked to find a common language.  Of course, every language has its advocates who want the world to learn and use their language.  This is because there are emotional ties to one’s mother tongue and it is also because it takes a lot of effort to learn another language.  However, there is a quiet revolution taking place today and thanks to technology it is easier now to be multilingual.

Instead of learned by sitting, face-to-face with our teacher and listening to what was said, there is a new reality in language learning taking place today.  Herein high-fidelity sound recording, manipulation and playback media removes the necessity for there to be a teacher sitting there in front of the student.  Plus this learning media can be carried anywhere and used in any place.  This does not mean that the natural way in which to learn a language has been thrown out the window though.  To the contrary, basic conversation is still being taught first and then being expanded on from there.  However, since the sound files can be replayed at will you are able to keep repeating the words, accents and expressions until you get it perfect.  As such, it is faster and easier to learn to speak another language than ever before.

It is also nice to note that the cost of these technological advances has drastically reduced the cost of learning a new language.  This is because thanks to the Internet you can easily download text and audio files in only a few seconds, and at most in a few minutes.  If you then want to make another copy of this download it will cost you practically nothing.  Plus there are virtually no inventory or delivery costs for complicated intellectual products.  As such, these items can be sold at extremely low prices.

The result of all of this is that today you can purchase a language learning course for $100, download it in less than 10 minutes and learn to speak another language in just a few weeks by working on it at times, in places and at the pace that you choose.  This means that you can emerge from this training speaking the language as perfectly as a native.

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