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Unfortunately, only 1 out of 3 ninth graders graduates with enough skills to succeed in college.  The remaining students either drop out of school or graduate being unable to handle the challenges of college.  This leaves America struggling and losing their competitive edge to growing industrialized nations such as China and India.  Obviously, something needs to be changed in the American public school system and it needs to be done fast.

Bill Gates is involved in bringing public attention to this important issue.  He is also running pilot programs in those high schools that are open to his techniques. Herein studies are also being done to see if demographics make a difference in how children learn and the way schools are designed.

The United States use to have an edge in education.  In fact, many brilliant minds came here to learn because we were able to provide them with teaching assistance.  However, we have lost that edge today.  Many of those brilliant minds are leaving the United States and it is now a lot tougher for higher education students to immigrate here.  There is also an extra burden being placed upon our school system by illegal immigrants who need to be educated.

Fortunately, there is currently a trend underway that attempts to remedy the shortcomings of the American public school system.  This is being done through independent and private tutoring companies that are located in the United States, as well as offshore.  There are some of these tutoring companies that are recognized by the state department of education and thus they provide services that are paid for by the schools with federal funds that come from the US Department of Education.  This may sound good but it can actually complicate things in many ways for parents.  It has also led many parents to choose to hire private tutors, which they have to pay for out of their own pockets.  Therefore, a lot of parents grow extremely frustrated whenever all they are really trying to do is help their child get a good education, which is what the American public school system should be providing them with in the first place.

Today there are more and more parents that are concerned with their children’s education.  This may be due to the grades that their children are getting or the effectiveness of the classroom instruction that is being given to help prepare them to get into the college of their choice.  So, as you can see, today tutoring is not only for those students who are having problems in school and thus need help with “catching up” but it is also for those students that want a competitive edge in life so that they can do their best and achieve their highest potential.

While both parents and teachers want to provide students with a good education so that they can handle life’s challenges and achieve their best, sometimes teachers fall short.  This is when parents need to step in and hire a tutor to help their student overcome any limitations they may have so that the can excel in school.

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