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Many people will emphatically tell you that they have a bad memory.  However, unless you have been diagnosed with a debilitating brain disease there is no such thing as a bad memory.  There is such a thing as an untrained memory though but this can be developed over the course of time.  Here are some things that you can do to work upon boosting your memory:
1.    There are some types of food that can keep our memory power intact.  Some of the foods that will help to improve your brain power include: oily fish, eggs, beef, whole wheat, chicken, bananas, dairy products and avocados.
2.    Work on improving your power of observation.  One technique that works well here is link what you are trying to remember to something that you already do remember.
3.    Take the time to slowly and steadily boost your concentration by trying to link together an unrelated list of words.  This can be done by creating a story between the words that you then remember.
4.    Try to find something new to learn each and every day you are alive.  This will help you to become more alert and focused upon what you are doing.  You can do this by learning a new word from the dictionary everyday and then try to use it in your daily conversations.  Another idea is to read something from either the encyclopedia or online each day.  You will soon become naturally attracted to new information which will inspire your brain to make effective connections with existing information so that you can remember it all.
5.    If you are  feeling good, your brain is more likely to learn and remember, so try to work on your positive thinking.  It is also a good idea to deal with negative thoughts before you sit down to learn something.
6.    Make sure that you deal with your stress appropriately.  If you are under continuous stress your body will produce chemical by-products that will inhibit your memory.
7.    You need to be sure to get enough sleep because dream (or REM) sleep is important for giving your brain the best opportunity to process new information and consolidate learning.
8.    Did you know that exercise can not only improve your overall fitness, but it can also help your brain to work more efficiently?  This is why your body needs a short break every 30 to 50 minutes while you are working or studying.
9.    Keeping track of your sugar levels is important because your memory will be inhibited by low blood sugar levels.  This is why it is a good idea to eat regular small meals with snacks in between and drink plenty of water or decaffeinated drinks.

If you take the time to do these things your memory will improve.  Of course, you can also get a tutor.  Not only can they work on some of the aforementioned techniques with you but they may also be able to teach you many other memory enhancing techniques.

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