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How to use a tutor

Have you ever wondered when you should see a tutor?  Well, there are lots of times when you can or should see one.  For instance, do you need help with your homework?  Do you need someone to help explain concepts or ideas to you?  Are you in need of study strategies for quizzes and tests?  All of these are great times to see a tutor before you begin to actually fall behind in your classes.

Whenever you do decide to start using a tutor, there are some things that you should take to your tutoring session with you.  These include your textbooks, class notes, past quizzes and tests, your class syllabus, any homework that you have done and if you have any workbook problems or problem sets you should bring them with you as well.  Basically, anything that pertains to the class that you need help with should be taken to your tutoring session.

Regardless as to whether you attend a tutoring service online or at the school where you are taking your classes, there are some things that you should and should not do at a tutoring session.  Some of these things include:
1.    Be sure that you are prepared for the tutoring session.  This means that you will need to take the time become familiar with the material that you are going to be working on.  It is also a good idea to prepare a list of questions to take with you whenever you are being tutored.  You should also try to work through any problems or questions that are in your textbook before your tutoring session.
2.    Whenever you have a question during the tutoring session make sure that you bring it up right away.  There is no point continuing on if you do not understand what you are already working on.
3.    If you happen to have a preferred way of learning, which is otherwise known as a learning style, then you need to be sure that you share this with your tutor right away.
4.    You should never even consider asking your tutor to give you the answers to your homework or to do your homework for you.  It is important to remember that your tutor is there to help you learn how to do the work yourself.  Of course, this is a process.  However, if you are unwilling to do your own homework, then you are not going to be able to learn.
5.    Make sure that you do not wait until the day before or the day of a quiz or test to try to get help.  At this point, help may not be available.  Plus it is also important to remember that learning takes time, effort and planning.

While tutors are very helpful, it is even more helpful to get to know your instructor and their teaching assistant so that you can visit them during their office hours.  They really are your best source of information for your classes.  Plus they will be able to tell you where else you can go on campus to find other resources that will help you with the classes that you are taking.

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