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How to teach site words

Learning sight words, which are also known as Dolche words, is an important part of learning how to read.  These are words that are not meant to be sounded out. Instead, these words need to be memorized so that a person is able to maintain reading fluency without getting caught up on the words’ meaning.  There are many really fun ways to teach these words to your students, including:
1.    Teach these words by playing Battleship on a grid.
2.    Place the words on the floor then toss a coin and say the word that the coin lands upon.
3.    Sight words can be taught by playing twister.  Simply use chalk to write the letters of the alphabet on a concrete floor.  Have the children place their feet and hands on the letters to spell these words.
4.    You can teach sight words by playing Hangman with the student.
5.    Challenge your student to see just how fast they can find a specific sight word in the reading book that you are using.
6.    Remember that teaching can be fun.  So, have your children go outside and practice writing their words with chalk on the sidewalk.
7.    Children always need to practice their handwriting, so why not teach 2 skills at once?  Have your students practice their handwriting by writing their sight words.  Another thing that you could teach here is alphabetizing by having students place the sight word cards in alphabetical order.
8.    Post the sight words on a wall then use a flashlight to point to words for students to say.
9.    Allow children to make their own scrapbooks using the sight words that they are learning.  A different letter of the alphabet can be used on each page.
10.    If you are teaching sight words to a more advanced group of students, then you can have them tell you what the missing sight word within the sentence is.
11.    If you are teaching sight words to a group of students you could play musical words.  In this game children pass words around in a circle until the music stops.  The person who is holding the word when the music stops has to say the word.  This game can be played with more than 1 word.
12.    If you want to be artistic whenever you are teaching children their sight words, you should know that there are many ways of doing this.  First of all, you can use play dough to make words.  Secondly you can glue strings together to form the words.  Third, you could use either alphabet stamps or stencils to “write” the words on a piece of colored construction paper.
13.    Another artistic way of teaching sight words is by having the child write the word then trace over it 2 or more times with different colors.
14.    Scrabble game pieces are great for doing more than just playing Scrabble. You can also use these, or magnetic letters, for teaching sight words.
15.    You could also play stepping stones by placing words on the floor and having children walk over them saying the sight word as they step upon it.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can make teaching and learning sight words fun.  These are just a few examples.  You can surely think of many more.

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