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How to learn multiple languages

While a lot of people are able to learn a second language, they are mistakenly led to believe that they cannot learn even more of them but the opposite is actually the truth.  Once you learn a second language, it actually becomes easier to learn even more, especially with the help of a tutor.  Of course, there are some other tricks to learning several languages, including:
1.    Find the vocabulary words in the language that you are learning that are similar to those in English or another language that you know and use them to your advantage.  These are called cognates and you should find a list of them just as soon as you start studying a new language.
2.    You should know that many languages are related to other languages and thus they share many features in common.  For instance, if you already know some Spanish, then it will be easier to learn Italian or French.
3.    All human languages fundamentally operate on the same principles.  So, as you learn more languages you will be able to start to pick up on more and more of those principles.
4.    If you do not need to learn a language right away, go ahead and take as much time as you need to take in order to learn it.  Just do not give up on using those things that you learned in the beginning, even if you cannot advance your learning right away.  Learning a language really is a lifetime process though and you will never really finish learning it.
5.    Before you begin studying a language know what your goal for learning that language really is.  Do you need to be able to read it only?  Do you need to be able to fluently speaking it?  Do you only want to know a few greetings and basic conversation pieces?  Once you decide which of these is right for you, make sure that you focus upon that area and study it accordingly.
6.    Maintaining your knowledge of a language is very important because if you do not use it, you will lose it.  This is why it is highly recommended that you spend 15 minutes with each of the languages that you are learning each day. This time could be spent reading something, writing an email, watching a movie or TV show, listening to some music or anything else that will help you to better learn that language.  This way when you need that language for something the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation will come back to you quite easily because you have kept it somewhat fresh by using it on a regular basis.  It is this here that actually puts the limit on how many languages we can effectively learn.

So, if you really enjoy learning languages, then consider learning more than a few of them.

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